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Unlimited runs


Animation of gear pairs

Non-circular gears

Geometric data

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Gear train calculator

Efficiency map



Interference detection







Cutter specifications



FEA (fillet stress)



Tooth profile errors



Non-involute teeth



Export gears



AGMA 2101-D04

Student and professional licenses can be purchased using PayPal.  Users are recommended to download the Delgear software, install, and use the trial version to evaluate the Delgear software.  The user must register the software after the trial version expires.  The Delgear software generates a “Registration code” as part of the initialization process during each Delgear start.  The user must send their “Registration code” to Delgear for an “Authorization code”.  An authorization code will be provided after confirmation of your PayPal payment is received. 

Output Information:  Data output from Delgear must be tested to meet all applicable performance criteria.  Delgear is not liable for use of Delgear output as applied by its customers.  The license does not authorize the user to resale software or software output.  All resale of models must be authorized by Delgear.

Refund Information:  A refund can be processed within 30 days of sale if you are not satisfied with the results. 

Professional License: $2000 USD

The one year license provides full access to all Delgear features, unlimited file export, along with software support.  The file export feature is deactivated after one year from the date of activation.  A new license can be obtained using the Software Maintenance option below. 

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Student License: $20 USD

This version is restricted as indicated in the above chart and does not enable file export.  Delgear files can be generated and saved using a student license.  Models for the gear pair can be purchased by forwarding the saved file to Delgear. 

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Gear Pair Model: $200 USD

A review of the Delgear file will be performed and a model of the gear pair will be provided if no problems are detected. 

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Software Maintenance: $200 USD

A new Delgear Professional License is generated to activate the File Save option.   This license is valid for one year from the date of activation and includes one full year of software support.  This licenses is valid for users who have purchased a Professional License. 

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