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The Delgear software can be extended to provide additional information related to gearing via “add-ons”.  Delgear add-ons are accessed using the below dialog.  Customized add-ons can be generated by contacting Delgear.

Gear train calculator

Gear train calculator can be used to determine candidate tooth counts for a desired gear speed reduction ratio.  The speed reduction can be a simple gear pair or compound gear trains with up to four reductions.  The results are displayed in a Listview type control showing tooth count, actual gear ratio, and error.  These values can be sorted by mouse clicking on the heading above the data.  The data is sorted from increasing to decreasing values and vice versa.  This dialog only supports reduction ratios.  For example, 20:1 speed ratio is valid whereas 1:20 is not.  The later case can be obtained by selecting 20:1 gear ratio and inverting the results from the tooth count. 

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ANSI/AGMA 2101D04 (Metric Edition)

AGMA ratings can be provided for special cases.  Included with the Delgear software is the following rating:

         ANSI/AGMA 2101-D04 Fundamental Rating Factors and Calculation Methods.

This dialog illustrates how existing ratings can be used with the Delgear software.  In this case, the rating can be used by students to learn about AGMA rating, especially students in mechanical engineering.

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Efficiency contour map

A contour map of contrasting pinion speed versus pinion torque is super-imposed on contours of constant efficiency.  The efficiency curves are based on instantaneous mesh loss at the contact. 

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Shaft design

This add-on calculates nominal values for transverse shear, moment, slope, and deflection of circular shafts.  Also included are axial and torsional loads along with maximum bending and torsional stresses.  The results from the transverse slope and deflection can be combined with menu item “Shaft deflections” for preliminary concept sizing and to improve contact conditions at the gear mesh. 

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